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Receipt Tracker are at the forefront of digital receipts. Helping achieve customer data collection, customer retention, loyalty sign ups and special offers.    


Our technology is aimed at all retail and hospitality solutions. Not only do we offer the most cost effective way of sending receipts, we also offer customer data that is unachievable at such speed anywhere else. 

No additional hardware is needed on your points of sale, all of our integration can be pushed out remotely and receipts are sent using your existing scanners, or by linking the customers bank card to the app. Customers are also able to photograph the barcode on the bottom of a paper receipt in order to upload a digital copy. 


Transactions. This allows the customer to view all transactions and totals their monthly spend. The receipts are sent direct to customers mobile phones.

Special Offers. Stores can send out special offers to all customers based either on where they have shopped, or based on gender, age, interests or location. 

Profile. This is where the customer originally logs in and enters their details, all of which can be shared with the tore, such as email, age, gender, interests and location.

 There is also an option if the store request, for special offers to be sent straight to your smart phone should you be in the vicinity of one of their stores at that moment in time.

Download Receipt Tracker Now


Download Receipt Tracker Now


Receipt Tracker are please to announce that all EPOS Now POS users can now start using the app to send their customers digital receipts and send promotional offers. 


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